About Us

Who We Are

Repro Center is a full-service reprographic house committed to providing the highest quality of flexographic and lithographic prepress. Since 1965, we have been carrying a long history of customer commitment based on communication and partnership, creating a tradition of true leadership nurtured our deep understanding of today’s competitive and fast-changing marketplace and just-in-time manufacturing and delivery schedules.

We produce high-quality flexographic printing plates for the corrugated and flexible packaging printing plates industry. We leverage our know-how and expertise to help customers by offering superior prepress consultancy services.

Repro Center was established in 1994 as a division of Union Packaging Corporation s.a.l.

Corporate Mission

Our mission is to continuously improve our products and services to drive the flexographic industry and set higher standards of definition, as well as to provide our customers with the needed tools to attain the maximum possible level of flexographic print quality globally.

To achieve our mission and goals, we must respect three major issues; Integrity, Quality, and On-Time Delivery.

Regardless of the size and complexity of your printing job, our dedicated staff combined with leading equipment, will deliver a highly customized service that exceeds your expectations.

Our Values

At Repro Center, our corporate culture is clearly defined by a set of vital values that we ensure apply every day in all aspects of our work.

Quality: We are dedicated to putting quality into action throughout all our business processes
Differentiation & Uniqueness: We provide value to our customers through differentiation and uniqueness
Service Efficiency & Customer Service: We believe in our compatible goals; service efficiency and customer service
Precision: Precision is the basis of our work


Management Systems

We are committed to producing high-quality printing plates while being socially and environmentally responsible. We have put thorough management systems in place, as well as environmental safety policies, such as the waste reduction policy.

Striving to continuously to improve our printing plates’ quality, we adhere to international quality management systems requirements, such as ISO 9001: 2008, and constantly aim to advance our products and production processes.